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True Sleep

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The intersection of nature and science

In today's fast-paced world, finding balance can be challenging. That's why our plant-based gummies, crafted with clinically proven ingredients and highly absorbable compounds, offer a natural way to tackle modern stressors. Whether you're seeking calm, focus, or overall wellness, our delicious gummies deliver the support you need, helping you thrive amidst the pressures of modern life.

Why Fling Gummies?

We collaborate with a dedicated team to craft unique formulations with the highest concentrations of active ingredients, while ensuring it tastes yummy.

We choose gummies because of it's highly absorbable format for nutrition. Similar to food, as they are chewed and dissolved slowly in the mouth, the compounds are absorbed quickly through the oral mucosa. This is unlike traditional pills, tablets, and syrups, which can be destroyed in the stomach or filtered out by the liver.

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