Written by Dr. Daniel Liu

The Natural Alternative Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You Knowing About?

Can a common spice that's been consumed by humans for thousands of years bring down A1C blood sugar levels?

Scientists have spent decades searching for a natural alternative to help patients with high blood sugar levels. In the meantime, doctors have been stuck prescribing treatments such as Metformin and insulin therapy, which can work well for some, but for others, the side effects can be a nightmare.

For those suffering from conditions that cause high blood glucose levels such as diabetes, it's clear that the condition leads to all sorts of physical and emotional turmoil. Fatigue, excess hunger, blurred vision, and frequent urination may seem minor to some but can be debilitating to those suffering.

What researchers have been looking for is a natural way to keep blood glucose levels from spiking without having to resort to synthetic drugs developed by the pharmaceuticals industry.

That's why scientists couldn't believe what they discovered in one of the most common household spices.

Can cinnamon reduce blood sugar?

Exercise and diet are clearly important; however, it’s not always easy to stick to this strict regimen. In social gatherings, it can be particularly hard to avoid trigger foods like pizza, ice cream, and even juice. We can’t be perfect all the time.

Scientists have discovered that some natural ingredients can keep down blood sugar levels and help improve metabolic fitness.

One surprising answer is Cinnamon. Cinnamon has been consumed by humans for thousands of years by the traditional medicine systems such as Ayurveda and even Ancient Egypt.

Recent double-blind medical studies show that cinnamon can reduce blood sugar spikes up to 29%. These results were repeated in 8 independent clinical studies.(8) (9) Scientists believe it works by affecting glucose in several ways including mimicking insulin and increasing its effectiveness (789)

Chromium, a natural element that can be derived from yeast, has been demonstrated in several studies to lower blood sugar levels and improve the body’s response to insulin. (10) ( 11).

Introducing Sugar Guard by Fling

Introducing Sugar Guard: the easiest way to get benefits from cinnamon

While anyone can start sprinkling cinnamon into their food, to get the maximum effects as shown in studies, you would need to eat tablespoons of cinnamon a day. One alternative is to find a product with cinnamon extract.

That’s why scientists formulated Sugar Guard — a delicious gummy vitamin with the both Ceylon and Cassia cinnamon extracts plus chromium.

With months of research and development from industry-leading scientists, the team developed this unique natural blend designed specifically to support and maintain healthy glucose levels.

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